Arts & Crafts

Pure  convenience; that’s what the craft category offers our retail customers. Why? Because there is simply no other source with the diversity of products and selection in one place.Wether you are  making a yarn sweather, art supplies, carnival mask, school project, mending a dress ,ribbon projects or simply looking for tattoo supplies – Naipaul’s Bookstore and Handicraft Center Limited is the place to visit .

In 2008, we expanded our stores with a wider varitey of  brands and craft items, Our business is to bring variety to our customers hence the reason we are always sourcing products  form all over the world . We take pride in sourcing the needs of our customers.

Yarn & Needles

A make it quick yarn which works up with versatility , light as feather....... fast ideal for afghans, slippers, sweaters, socks, baby blankets and more. Our Red Heart yarns are ideal and excellent for knitting and crocheting, Its soft, comfortable hand and superior resilience make it ideal for baby items, and apparel. Other brands available in store, Caron Simply Soft Yarns in various colours, Bernat Chunky Yarn & Baby Wool are available.

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Spray paints

Design Master Spray paints creates a shimmering finish on a variety of surfaces, ideal for fresh flowers, silk flowers and dried flowers. Also great for crafts, glass, plastic, metal, wood pottery, fabric, plastic foam, holiday decor, wreaths, centrepieces and weddings. A variety of colours are available.

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Craft paper & boards

Transform ordinary craft projects into incredible works of art, our exciting range of craft papers offer a range of creative opportunities for personalized designs and extraordinary gifts.

Explore the limits of your imagination as ideas are converted to dimension, purely by paper! The ideas are unlimited and the possibilities are endless for crafting with our exciting paper assortment.


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Glues & Spray adhesives

By definition glue is made from animal by-products and adhesives bond one raw material to another Adhesives has been around for sometime. When a woolly mammoth first stepped into a tar pit, the concept of adhesion became painfully obvious. Early man recognized the possibilities and the rest is history.

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Charcoal pencils & Sticks

Excellent for detail artwork, The Charcoal Pencils and sticks available at Naipaul’s art department contains the highest quality flexible charcoal with no imperfections leading to scratching on art pieces.

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Tattoo Supplies

A tattoo is a making made by inserting ink into the layers of the skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons. Tattoos on humans are a type of decorative body modification. At Naipaul’s Bookstore and Handicraft Centre Limited we carry a wide range of tattoo supplies and Equipment, along with a full range of body piercing jewelery.

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Styrofoam has a valuable uses in floral arrangements and craft projects. It is an exciting design material with endless possibilities.

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Rich Jewel tones and soft pastels are colour coordinated to match with formal attire for any event, from springtime weddings to evening dances. A collection of vintage elements with a distinctly morden edge. Fresh and irreverent icons entice one to create pieces that are fun to wear or share with others. A Rainbow of choices of glass beads, wood beads, crystal beads, acrylic beads& fashion beads.

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Create the perfect ambiance on your special day worthy of a lifetime of memories, Let Naipaul’s bring your vison to light . You’ll love our products , no matter what the occasion, no matter the season, it’s all fun and affordable.

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Our Ribbon department supplies a wide range of decorative Ribbons and Bows. We meet the needs of our everyday customers. The loveliest bouquet has decorative ribbon that provides a finishing touch on every piece. We offer a wide range of Flora –Satin, printed and solid, curling ribbons, perfect bows wired ribbon and curl swirls. We also carry an extensive line of woven sheer, and wire edge fabrics that dominate the craft industry.

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Feathers are great for making jewellery, toys, carnival masks and costumes, floral crafts, dolls. We strive to bring the finest quality feathers to our customers.

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Whether you are an established professional or just starting out as an artist or art student, whether you prefer a pre streched canvas or prefer to do the stretching yourself you can find high quality affordable painting canvas supplies at Naipaul’s art department.

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Drawing tools

Bring the power of oil painting into a convenient hand held oil pastel. The advantages? Oil pastels come in a number of colours, they are lightfast, forgiving, easy to use and slow drying. Oil pastels allows you to work on one piece for several months.

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Artist brushes

Painters are poets whose passions dream themselves onto a canvas with colours for verses. The Artist Brush is not a prop, the brush is the artist’s only bridge to his or her dreamt of reality.

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Artists sets

Drawing, sketching, oil pastels all introduced in the super value artist sets. Superb books and instructional materials will start any intrested beginner on the road to sucess in creative expression.

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