Glues & Spray adhesives

By definition glue is made from animal by-products and adhesives bond one raw material to another Adhesives has been around for sometime. When a woolly mammoth first stepped into a tar pit, the concept of adhesion became painfully obvious. Early man recognized the possibilities and the rest is history.

Today there are a variety of excellent brands to choose from. At Naipaul’s you can choose from our wide variety of branded glues and adhesives for practically every need – from home projects , to craft projects to simply just binding one raw material to another.

Spray Adhesive – Great for mounting fabric, foam, foil and cardboard. Our glues range from Pens and stick glues, liquid adhesives, wood glue and Styrofoam glues.

Some of our Brands:

  • UHU Glues
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue
  • Elmer’s
  • 3M Glues