Cake decorating kits

Convenient sets of decorating essentials give you instant versatility. From the perfect assortment of tips and bags for decorating your first cakes to comprehensive collections of tools and supplies in easy to carry caddies. Wilton has a set that is design to fit your needs:

You can choose from Wilton cake decorating sets:

  • Wilton 53 Piece Cake Decorating Set
  • Wilton 25 Piece Cake Decorating Set
  • Wilton 18 Piece Cake Decorating Set
  • Wilton 12 Piece Cup Cake Decorating Set

Each Wilton design set contains nickel plated brass tips for achieving many of the most popular techniques and instructional guides.

At Naipaul’s we are always willing to guide you along if you are unsure of what to purchase for a particular project. Give us a call or pay us a visit.