Cake plates & Display stands

A fresh clean edge puts focus on your cake, Built for unmatched stability, with patended circles of strength design. All our cake plates and seperators available are all crafted for today's popular cake designs by Wilton. Cake decorator seperator plates are perfectly sized to fit wilton pillars available in many styles.

Cake plates are available in Round Scalloped Plates, Heart Plates, Square Plates, and Crystal Look Plates rangeing form 6 inches to 18 inches. This item is always in full stock at our shops. Not sure how to use cake plates and pillars, pay us a visit a and our friendly staff will demonstrate.

Cake Displays are a perfect way to show off your speciality cakes, Wilton has designed cake dislays in many diffent degins - come in an take look -there's one perfectly suited for your cake size and design. At Naipaul's cake department we stock a variety of cake display stands featured in the Wilton yearbook.

Some dispalays available are as follows :

  • Graeful Tiers Cake Stand
  • Candle Light Cake Stand
  • Floating Tiers Cake Stand
  • Fluted Bowl Separator
  • Spiral Separator Sets
  • Grecian Pillar and Plate Set
  • Tall Tier Cake Stand