Flower arrangement materials

A beautiful arrangement call for the right assortment of arranging materials. At Naipaul’s we pride ourselves in stocking a wide variety of floral arranging materials. At our shop no arrangement is complete unless the right materials are utilized.

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Flower pots & Vase

At Naipaul’s we pride ourselves in providing our floral customers with the absolute best quality floral containers at the absolute best prices. We source the finest quality to assure that your floral arrangements is an absolute masterpiece.

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Willow Baskets, Chipboard Baskets, Straw Baskets, Bamboo Baskets are just some of the basket types we stock. Going on a picnic, Naipaul’s has the perfect basket., presenting a hamper take a stop by and choose the perfect basket shape and size.

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Fresh flowers

Colombian grown, the finest quality cut flowers in the world, at Naipaul’s we import our cut flowers from cut flower farms in Colombia weekly. We delight our customers everyday of the year with the most dazzling varieties of the land of cut flowers.

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Artificial flowers

How can a hanging basket of silk flowers prompt you to hang out with friends? How can a vase, rich with vintage silk flowers, remind you of how rich life can be? Or how can a natural-looking arrangement of brightly-coloured silk flowers brighten every celebration? Yes it can as silk flowers offer that dose of brightness that coaxes your smile, or reminds you to call a friend.

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