Seasonal & Celebrations


Welcome to a Celebration of Easter at Naipaul’s. Easter is a springtime holiday, it is a blessed time for the faithful to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of the Saviour... and a magical time for children to enjoy chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and jellybean – filled Easter Eggs.

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There isn’t a day of the year that you aren’t special to me mom; Mother’s day is a special day for honouring mothers throughout the world. Mother’s day holds great significance for all of us. At Naipaul’s we make this day a special one.

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It’s a beautiful day... its happy Valentine’s Day, time to have fun and propose your love ones. Love is all about caring and sharing with a cute wish or greeting. Spread this love; stop at Naipaul’s for all your Valentine’s gifts and accessories.

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An explosion of colour, music, revelry and creativity. With its massive masquerade bands, spectacular costumes, pulsating music and unparallel stamina for parting, Trinidad’s carnival is often described as the greatest show in earth.

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Candles spell out the traditional English birthday greeting. You have written the guest list – now start your decorating and birthday planning at Naipaul’s party department. From baking cups, candles, cake toppers, to treat bags, Naipaul’s will make your birthday wishes come true.

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Enjoy the joy and magic of Christmas in Santa’s Secret Village – Naipaul’s Christmas Department. We invite you to experience a traditional look at Christmas through the many different Christmas ideas and decorations available.

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As you begin planning the most romantic day of your life, a million details race through your mind, starting with what colour to choose and how to make it work to create a wedding uniquely your own that encompasses your personal style.

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